Monday, February 26, 2007

what's your name again?

I have a confession: I am horrible with names. Beyond horrible actually. If you tell me your name, I will forget it in less than 10 seconds. That's a guarantee, forgotten in 10 seconds or less or your money back.

This has never been much of a problem until recently. Since starting my new job I've met tons of people and, since my job is client services, I really should be remembering all of their names. But I can't. I shake their hands and politely introduce myself to them and then Wham! forget their name as soon as they say it. It's even worse when I'm on the phone with a person. They introduce them self and my ears blank out their name. "Hi this is cricket sounds and I'm calling..."

You would think in my private life I might make more of an effort to remember people's names, but I don't. Since joining Trapeze Arts I've met a bunch of people and can't tell you one of their names. The sad part is that now I've seen them enough times that I can't ask their names, that would be rude and weird. So I'm stuck waiting for someone else to call our their name so I can make a mental note of it.

Seems tiring doesn't it? It really is. I spend a lot of time eavesdropping on conversations in the hopes that I'll learn a name or two. I don't know why I have this block against learning names and even when I have the best intentions to remember them, it seems I can't.

On the other hand, I really am a nosy person and I love having a half way decent reason to eavesdrop. Maybe I unconsciously don't learn people's names so I can continue to do this guilt free. dear god, that's sick and I might want to get some help.


  1. I have a similar problem, but I have no problems asking people what their names are repeatedly. "I'm sorry, I just moved here/started going to this church/started jumping off platforms and I'm learning a LOT of names. Yours has gotten lost in the mix. What was it again?"

    A loooong time ago, I hadn't learned this yet, and asked a guy I had seen several times how to spell his name, thinking that was a sly way to learn it again. "P-a-u-l," he said. I was a little embarrassed.

  2. I suck with names too.
    It makes for very awkward situations. =\

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