Thursday, March 29, 2007

I really should think about having a point before I start the post

I have a secret and I might lose my Democrat street cred when I admit this, but well, here goes.

deep breath

I didn't see An Inconvenient Truth.

I had really good reasons for not seeing it, the main one being that after the hurricane I saw a trailer for it and that trailer made me cry. The trailer. The 30 second long trailer. Made. Me. Cry. In a movie theatre. While I was alone. Surrounded by people that just wanted watch Friends With Money and not have to uncomfortably ignore the insane person sitting a row behind them.

I'm well aware the planet is going down the crapper and we're not doing much to stop it. I know this and it scares the hell out of me. Scares me enough that I wonder if I should even have kids. Why should I bring more people into a world this fucked up? Or why should I add more people to the problem?

Another reason why I didn't see An Inconvenient Truth is because I like to go to the movies and forget about how much life sucks and how we are all going to drown in the near future. I like to pretend that while I'm in the dark theatre there is someone actually doing something amazing to stop global warming and save us from our destructive ways. And when I leave the theatre I'll walk out into a world that is a bit cooler and frozen on its tips.

Anyway, I'm not trying to be preachy. People that don't believe in global warming aren't going to be swayed by me. It's just that lately this kind of crap has been on my mind. I guess I'm growing up. Although I still think the word poop is funny, so maybe not.

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  1. I didn't see it either...I have failed as a tree hugger, haha. But for three main reasons, the first being I get that stuff shoved down my throat every day at school...yay for geology (i really do love it though), number two, I dislike Al Gore very much, I mean seriously, he drives me nuts. And number three deals with him too, I do believe he is very hypocritical in his whole campaign because he lives very extravagantly, unnecessarily, but as does all of hollywood, that's why we envy them, right?