Thursday, March 1, 2007

I survived!

Today marks the end of my period of shoe sobriety. This means that if I really had the need I could run out and buy a pair of shoes and not get a whole bunch of guilt from jparks. The thought of guilt free shoe buying is a glorious feeling.

In the past 3 months I've gone from purchasing about one pair of shoes per week to one pair of shoes per month. While one pair per month might seem excessive to some folks, it was definitely a huge step down for me. Not necessarily a hard step, but still a step.

Here are the shoes that were purchased during this sober period. Each pair was well worth it, and since I hadn't been buying shoes as frequently as I was used to, each pair felt like a treat.

I bought these Steve Madden mary janes while in New Orleans for my grandfather's funeral. I didn't want shoes, but I hadn't brought anything nice with me so shoe shopping was required. I think I managed to find a pretty sensible pair of shoes that I would get a lot of wear out of.
Steve Madden maryjanes.jpg

I bought these pink Converse because while walking around the mall my green Reeboks ripped open. I could have just gone home, but I didn't have another pair of cute trainers that I can wear on a daily basis and not feel like I'm just about to hit the gym. And these were kinda of a gift from jparks and we all know gifts were totally acceptable.
pink chucks.jpg

The final pair were bought with a store credit. They are seriously cute and on sale. I couldn't not get them.
brown clarks.jpg

Three months ago, when I started this, I would have placed money that today I would be running directly to the mall to buy a pair of shoes that I had been lusting over, but that's not the case. While there are plenty of pairs of shoes I would love to own right now, nothing is standing out as a necessity. I guess that means I've grown up. Or maybe it just means all the cute spring and summer shoes aren't out yet.

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