Friday, March 30, 2007

a post in two parts

Part 1
I woke up this morning kinda pissy. This is not a new occurrence, I generally wake up pissy, blaming jparks for everything I can possibly think of, ranging from: "It's your fault that I have to get up at 8am!" to "How come you let the democrats pick John Kerry as their presidential candidate when he was obviously the wrong choice?"

But this morning the pissy-ness was not aimed at jparks (he was confused by this), but more at life in general. Why? Because life, being the bitch that it is, has decided that jparks and I are doing well. Maybe even, great. And life did not approve of this.

So life sent us a letter from the IRS saying our taxes last year were wrong and we owe them our first born child. Or $9000. I forget which one since they sound exactly the same to me.

Add that to the obscene amount we owe this year, and I think jparks and I are going to tax jail. Anyone want to volunteer to adopt Lily and be her surrogate mom?

Part 2, Later in that same day

So I wrote that first part while at work. And with baseball season gearing up, I'm hella busy and was sidetracked by actual work and wasn't able to finish the post. In the time it took me to get something worthy of a paycheck completed, jparks had done his husband-ly duty and grabbed the IRS by the balls. "How did he do that?" you ask. Are you ready for it?!? He wrote them a letter!

ohhh, the IRS isn't going to like that. Not at all. A letter will teach them to ask for our money. They better back off or he'll write another, this time with a P.S. at the end of it. Damn IRS, you don't want that.

All kidding aside, jparks did a wonderful job of sorting out where the screw up was in last year's taxes and calmly and quickly started to correct the situation so I wouldn't have to lose much hair over it. It's times like this that I'm extremely glad I married him. Although, if I hadn't married him I wouldn't had the freak out in the first place. Ah-ha, I've directed the pissy-ness back to jparks! All is right in the world again.

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  1. ohhh I'll adopt Lily, then Chachi can have a doggy friend!