Monday, March 26, 2007

woe is not me anymore

Sorry everyone, I didn't mean to leave the "woe is me" post as the main thing facing the world on this here blog o'mine for the whole weekend. I hope I didn't make everyone think I'm a pathetic excuse of a human, hiding out in my apartment, scratching at myself, and occasionally pulling out lumps of hair as I mutter under my breath about the state of housing in the Bay Area. I mean, I totally did that, but I found time to do other things as well.

I would like to thank everyone that offered to drive around with me and help me search this vile area for a new place to live. It really made me feel better that so many people wanted to help me keep my sanity. But, in the end, the best decision for jparks and I was to just resign our lease. I know, I know, we could have found a better place to live, but really did we need to spend money on a deposit? Did we need to spend money on a rental truck? Did we need to kill our friends by making them lug around boxes of our crap? After much thought, we decided the answer to all of these questions was no and, with heads hanging low, we marched up to the rental office to take it up the ass resign our lease.

The other reason for resigning our lease was that I needed to stay put. All we've done since June of 2005 was move and I am sick and tired of it. I want to remain still for more than a year. I want to not have to update my address with my 391 magazine subscriptions. I don't want to get a new driver's license. I need to not move to another apartment even if it was in the same building. Humans are not meant to move as much as jparks and I have recently, dammit.

So stick around folks, in about a year you will probably see another "woe is me" post. Then I'll be ready to accept your offers of apartment hunting help. This also gives you a year to think of excuses as to why you can't come and help me move. And they better be good excuses or else I'm not going to accept them.


  1. Hey, now you can have a pool party this summer b/c I KNOW your complex has a really nice pool :-)
    p.s. I can totally sympathize with the not wanting to move again thing. That is one of the major reasons Adam and I have been in the same apt for 3 1/2 years (longest place I've ever lived since I was 17).

  2. How do you change your addresses on magazines? Well that's what I keep telling Adam when they are still sent to us after being re-routed from the old place.... Hmmm I guess I should get on that.