Friday, April 13, 2007

I was sitting up perfectly straight while I typed this

Today I picked up a prescription that my dermatologist gave me for acne. Because at 27 my body has finally hit puberty. Maybe some day soon my boobs will sprout and my period will start. On that day I'll finally put away my well read copy of "Are You There God? It's Me Margaret."

When I picked up the prescription I asked the pharmacist if there were any drug facts I should know. The pharmacist seemed less than interested in talking to me so when I got back to work I looked the drug up online. Turns out it's mainly used to treat gonorrhea which explains why the pharmacist was ready to be rid of me. Anyway, besides learning about curing gonorrhea I found out I'm not supposed to recline for 90 minutes after taking this medicine.

Is it just me or does that seem like a weird drug warning? Do not recline, as in lay back, nap, enjoy the comforts of a La-Z-Boy, or lounge about on the beach while sipping pina coladas. The other warnings seemed pretty normal: sun sensitivity, avoid taking vitamins at the same time as the medicine, may cause nausea. But that 'no reclining' thing just really confuses me. How can reclining affect the medicine? My little mind can't handle this.

Now I'm worried because, dang, I want my acne to clear up, but I also want to recline. I love reclining! Reclining is one of my favorite hobbies. Without reclining I'm just a hollow shell of a person.

I also can't have dairy two hours before and two hours after taking the medicine. So if I take it in the morning I've got to skip my coffee. Lunch and dinner are risky because what if I opt for cheese on whatever I'm having. And bedtime is out thanks to no reclining.

So I ask you, when the hell am I supposed to take this medicine?


  1. I took some antibiotics with that warning. It's supposed to give you indigestion if you recline like that which will damage the lining of your esophagus. It might not happen to you though - you might not react like that to the drug - I didn't. So instead of following all the instructions, follow them on a trial basis. Take the stuff, then lay down for a few minutes. If you start getting indigestion, you'll know that you do interact badly.

    And do coffeemate or some other fake creamer while you're taking the drug.

  2. 1. Soy choices for your coffee?
    2. What kind of medicines are you not supposed to take vitamins with? Uh oh...
    3. Don't make fun of the boobs not being sprouted. I'm STILL waiting.

  3. I had to take an antibiotic which said I couldn't lie down for 30 minutes after taking it, and I couldn't have taken an antacid, or anything with calicium, zinc or magniesum 2 hours before or after, AND I was to avoid sun exposure. All from one little pill! It made me wonder if it was really worth it. Some of the other crazy assed fertility drugs I am on are kinda frightening, like one is for menopausal women with breast cancer, pregnant women aren't even supposed to touch it, and yet I take it so I can get pregnant. Again, I have to wonder if this is really a good thing to be going in my body.... Kinda strange this science thing.

  4. I'm thinking Sara has the winning suggestion with soy in my coffee. I'll try it in the mornings and see how that works.

    Maybe I'll get brave and try to lay down for a bit, but I'm prone to heartburn (Tums are like candy for me) and I'm sure this will cause some.