Monday, April 2, 2007

living large, French Laundry style

This weekend jparks and I went for a super fancy pants meal. How super fancy pants? Well, I got a $1000 bonus on Friday and after dinner I had $96 left. Oh hell yeah, that's how we roll.

We went to The French Laundry and it was incredible. In-freaking-credible. It's a dinner that must be experienced once in every lifetime. Despite the hefty bill I begged jparks to take me back in a few weeks (we got three reservations accidentally. This is quite the feat since it's nearly impossible to get even one.) Since jparks is the sensible one in our household (how scary is that?) he said no. Maybe in a few years. Maybe for a wedding anniversary. Maybe for my birthday. Maybe when we can actually afford it.

The meal was nine courses with a few surprises at the beginning and the end. Every course was a work of art, an edible, extremely tasty, work of art. Photographic evidence of this can been seen here.

The only bad thing about the dinner was the table of four lawyers directly behind us. They were loud and obnoxious and seriously wanted me to get up and slap the crap out of them. The more they drank the more celebrity names were dropped and eventually we had to hear about how one was made to drink Chek drinks instead of real Coke when she was a kid. Can you imagine?!? How does one grow up to be a functioning adult if all they're given is Chek drinks as a child? Her parents should have been reported for abuse.

After the initial sticker shock of the bill, I decided that I do not regret spending that much "making pooh" (my mom pointed that out) and, in the future, should anyone want to come visit and go to French Laundry, I'll totally go with you. We just can't tell jparks until after the meal.


  1. Aww it sounded great! And the menu looked great, and I want to go. Stupid life getting in the way of everything!

  2. Wow. Looking at your pictures and the price tag of that meal, and then thinking about the meal we had last night at Amerigo's (an Italian restaurant) in Jackson leads me to one conclusion: Italian food is the best in the world, and French food is the best marketed food in the world :)