Thursday, April 26, 2007

reasons why I've not been posting as frequently as usual

  • I'm busy

  • No, really I am. It's baseball season at work and that means I've actually got crap to do.

  • Not buying that? Okay, then how about I've been busy going to a crapload of concerts

  • And baseball games (I wish I had pictures posted to link to, but when I went to upload them flickr had a mild nervous breakdown)

  • And I've been really caught up in the whirlwind excitement of Diet Coke Plus. It has vitamins! And minerals! And tastes, umm, different! Not bad, but not good.

  • I've also been vacation planning. Jparks and I have decided to go to Hawaii, which means I need a bathing suit. What do you think of this one:
    lame bathing suit.jpeg I know, I know, it's too awesome for words.


    1. Just do the European thing and go nude.

    2. I have never heard of Diet Coke Plus. Maybe you could get some for the suite tomorrow? ;-)

      Which island?

    3. Well, for a woman who wants to maintain the pastey whiteness, Hawaii and that bathing suit might not be the right thing ... you might want to go for a full body suit and one of those huge golf umbrellas.

    4. I believe we are heading to Maui.

      And I plan on sitting my white ass under a giant umbrella with a pineapple flavored adult drink. All day. Every day.

    5. Maui is fabulous! If you want some tips on things to do (or things to think about doing while you are sitting on the beach w/ a drink in your hand), let me know.