Monday, April 30, 2007

slippers all around!

It has come to my attention that I have a bunch of holidays, birthdays, and graduations coming up and this causes a panic in me. I need to give gifts for these occasions and I am the worst gift picker-outer ever.

Every once in a while I buy something for someone and it turns out to be exactly what they wanted or needed or had been dreaming about. But that's rare. And not likely to happen for these upcoming gift giving occasions. I hate to say it, but I'm just too busy to go scouring the city and internet for perfect gifts right now. (Let's overlook the fact that I obviously have the time to make pointless blog posts and could use that time to shop)

I do, however, have the time to pick out some pairs of slippers and ship them to the people that have gift getting occasions coming up and that plan is looking mighty appealing right now. Slippers plus gift receipts, that way the gift receiver can return them and get something else, something better. It's kinda like giving a gift card, but instead of saying "I'm too lazy to actually shop for something for you" (I feel like that's what gift cards say, although I love getting gift cards) they say "Look, I bought something for you! Even if it something you don't need or want! I was thinking of you, so please don't hate me!"

So if you get some slippers in the next month or so, please don't hate me. Check the package for a gift receipt and have fun shopping!


  1. You really must be working too hard. You do give good gifts, you said so yourself Friday January 5, 2007.

  2. d'oh.

    How about "I gave good gifts then, but now, well, not so much."

    Or how about I was proud of those gifts because for once I managed to get things people wanted. And I was feeling brag-y about it.

  3. I'll have you know the B&B Works gift card was 110% PERFECTION in the gift department. You get an A+ in my book.