Monday, April 23, 2007

vanity, thy are expensive

Holy crap, yes this is another post about the stupid medicine I'm taking for my "adult acne".

This morning I feel like crap. The room is kinda doing a slow twirl thing and I keep wondering if I'm going to be given the privilege of puking up the All-Bran Honey Oat Bar I ate and then a round of dry heaves. Because nothing sounds like more fun that those things happening in the poorly sound-proofed bathroom in my office's building.

This medicine came with a warning that your stomach might get upset but, by eating a snack with it, this can be prevented. Last week I took the medicine every morning with a glass of water and my soy laced coffee. And every morning I was fine. Then on Saturday I did the same exact thing, but the nausea kicked in. It was bad enough that had to ask Whitney for some bread before we could leave her house to catch CalTrain up to the Giants game.

Sunday I took the medicine with some soy milk and Fruity Pebbles and all was good. I figured, from here, out food plus medicine was the way to go.

This morning I took the medicine with soy coffee and the All Bran bar. As I mentioned, I'm now wondering if I'll be seeing that bar again. The nausea keeps making me get up and walk to the bathroom, you know, just in case. My head hurts. I'm even feeling kinda dizzy in the way that the threat of puking makes you feel.

All of this delightful pukiness has me wondering if I'm willing to tolerate this for something as vain as clear skin. And honestly, after a week on this medicine I notice no difference in my complexion. I think I'm willing to tolerate the illness for another week or so to see if it or the acne clears up any. If both stick around though, I'm chucking this medicine before I upchuck my breakfast.

Get it? Chuck! Up chuck! At least when I'm feeling ill I can still make myself laugh.


  1. you might want to see if your doctor will give you Differin. It's a topical cream so there is no chance of getting sick.