Thursday, April 12, 2007

we didn't have a wedding reception so jparks wouldn't have to dance

10 years ago today jparks and I were gearing up to go to my Junior Prom. And by gearing up I mean he was probably sitting around with some boys scratching his balls and grunting. I was probably running around like crazy, making sure the stockings I had were the right color and my deodorant was the invisible kind.

I went to pick up jparks as I had a car and he didn't. We then went to a friend's house to meet up with everyone and hop on the limo bus that would later break down on the side of the road and we would all get locked out of. The boys would have to break in through a window and open the door for the girls while the driver was off somewhere calling his friends to say how lame it is to drive a bunch of pimply high schoolers around when he could be at home drinking beer and watching tv.

Once at the dance we will socialize, take pictures, and then the moment that will cause the demise of our relationship will happen. "Brown Eyed Girl" will begin to play and I will ask jparks to dace with me.

His dancing skills will piss me off as I assume he is dancing badly on purpose and making fun of me for wanting to dance. I will run off to cry in the bathroom as only a very emotional goth teenage girl can. After regaining my composer, I will go out and dump him. Although I don't remember dumping him that night. Maybe it happened the next day.

Somehow we will remain friends and bounce in and out of each others lives at various points in time. Of course, these points in time will not be convenient times for either of us to start dating each other again, nope, that would be too easy. Finally, after much bouncing, we will realize that we need to stop pretending and just get back together. A hurricane will try to prevent this, but we are stubborn and finally say "screw having the big wedding, let's go to Vegas."

10 years ago, I would have never believed that one day I would marry jparks. But I'm pretty damn happy that I did.

We were emo before emo existed


  1. Holy crap- that is adorable. Congrats!

  2. That's very sweet. And that picture could have been taken today! Well, I don't know about jparks ... but I do know you are still looking quite young and beautiful. I had no idea you were high school dumper and dumpee.