Monday, April 9, 2007

you wanna know a secret?

No one tell jparks, but today I bought a dozen Cadbury Orange Creme Eggs at the post Easter candy clearance. And by a dozen I mean 14. My plan is to freeze them and eat one a month for the next year. I know a year is only 12 months long and I bought 14 eggs, but I'm bound to slip at least once. Or twice. The only thing that will prevent me from eating all of them at once is that they'll need to defrost (I'm going to keep them in the freezer) for full enjoyment. Although frozen creme eggs might be damn good during the summer.

Or I could go back for more eggs and make Cadbury egg ice cream. How good does that sound? All that work I've been doing at the gym is just so I can dream of this ice cream. oh Cadbury egg ice cream, I know we've never met but I love you so. In fact, I love you so much I have composed a haiku in your honor:

Ass not big enough
So Cadbury Egg ice cream
To the rescue, yay!


  1. McDonalds in Canada has cadbury egg mcflurries. I wonder if they have them here too?