Monday, May 7, 2007

24 hours of flickr

Saturday was 24 hours of flickr, a group project where everyone takes pictures throughout the day and submits one image to represent them and their day. I signed up because all the cool kids were doing it it seemed interesting and fun.

Normally, I tote my camera around with me religiously but, a lot of times, I don't use it out of fear that people don't want their picture taken or because I don't want people to think I know what I'm doing with the camera. Nothing worse than having people expect greatness only to have a blurry picture be the outcome. I figured, with 24 hours of flickr, I had an excuse for taking pictures and nothing could prevent me from participating.

I held onto this train of thought until jparks and I left the house for aerial acrobatics and trampoline without my camera. I didn't even have my little point and shoot in my purse, which is always there as my backup camera. On the one day when I have carte blanc to take as many pictures as I want, or anything I want, I was left camera-less.

After class I dropped jparks off at the BART station and headed home. I still had a few errands to run and decided that, while they were not as interesting as circus training, I would have to make the most of them photograph-wise.

So here is my 24 hours on flickr:

I had to take Molly to the vet. She was not pleased about this and hid under a chair most of the time. hiding

Tangi has been spending lots of time upside down lately.

I am hopelessly addicted to Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. I can't throw them away because someday I will have time to cook.
everyday food

Again with the name.
getting warmer

And finally, this is the picture I added to the group pool as the picture that best represents my Saturday.
she really wanted a bite

I just figured, you can't go wrong with a picture of Lily.


  1. What's in your mouth?

  2. skinny cow ice cream sandwich. peanut butter and chocolate flavored.

  3. I love those.

    That picture on the wall, appears to be vaguely medieval/renaissance - yes?

  4. It's a painting of Bourbon Street in NOLA.