Friday, May 18, 2007


I am in the middle of a crisis, one that is not going to sound like a huge deal, but for me, well, it's life altering. Years ago, probably at least 11, my stepmom started working at Children's Hospital and stole scrubs for the whole family. Ugly, green, plain scrubs. And yet I fell hopelessly in lurve with them. I'm pretty sure I was the only person excited about them and I embraced them with open arms.

Now don't worry, I'm not one of those people that walked around in public wearing my scrubs. Other than a quick trip to the pharmacy or gas station, they were reserved for in house wearing only. Okay, except for that one time in college when I overslept and wore them to class. But isn't that something you are required to do at least once in college, wearing pajamas to class? These scrubs have become my favorite thing to sleep in. They are the perfect lounging around the house pants.

But now they are starting to wear thin. Obscenely thin. Thin enough that it's kinda scandalous to wear them around jparks, and he knows me in the biblical sense. But I can't bare to get rid of them. What will I wear if I toss these into the trash? These pants are the ideal relaxing garment and nothing will take their place, trust me, I've tried. I bought some other sleepwear pants in a very similar shade of green, but they just aren't the same. I think it's the difference in material and the fact that the scrub pants are totally adjustable in the waist. Size 2? They can fit you! Size 20? These pants have you covered!

So my question is, other than checking into the hospital and guilting the staff into giving me a pair, where can I find new scrub pants? I know uniform stores carry them, but the ones I've seen have elastic waistbands, and that's not right. Scrub pants need to tie. Come on folks, help me out, I don't really want to check into a hospital, but I will do it out of love for the pants.


  1. I don't know how gross you would feel about this, but thrift stores situated around medical schools or hospitals often have a pretty good selection of scrubs in different colours (but not shapes or sizes...because one-size-theoretically-fits-all!) Barring that, stores that sell nursing uniforms will sell scrubs, too. Around here, scrubs pop up at Walgreens from time to time, too.

    Also, you can get them all over the internet.

  2. shoot, if i had seen this post earlier in the day, i would have saved some for you, because i just used about 20 pairs of scrubs as cushioning for packing away cooking equipment. why don't you ask your stepmom for some more? or go to allheart medical supply.

  3. I would totally go to thrift stores for used scrubs. That's how much I loved them.

    My stepmom no longer works at a hospital, she's with a doctor's office now. No good scrubs there.

  4. There's a medical supply company here that has scrubs for all the nursing students, local doctors, and techs. I'm sure there's one that caters the Bay Area. If you have no luck, gimmie a call and I'll get you some. It can be your wedding present.

  5. Oh, I'll see if Andy can snag some from the hospital.

  6. If you don't end up getting any scrubs, I think I have an extra set I can donate if you don't mind blue.