Monday, June 11, 2007

don't feel special, I cut and pasted this from an email I sent earlier

How is everyone today?

Am too hungry to form compound sentences. It's an hour until lunch. dammit.

Saw Shrek the Third this weekend. It was blah. Would not recommend.

Went to a baby shower. It was an anti-baby shower. We played Sex and the City trivia. Ate too many pieces of homemade bread with butter.

Not much else happened. Went to a museum. Saw an exhibit on Vivienne Westwood's fashion. Made me miss Project Runway. Come back Project Runway!

My hair is bothering me today. Didn't blow it dry. This was a mistake. Bangs are being fluffy. Am considering using a paper clip to tame them.

Did I mention I was hungry?

I think I'm fighting off a cold. Should probably drink some airborne.

And now you can feel special. Added in some text that wasn't in the email to friends. You know, because I love you guys and shit.

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