Friday, June 15, 2007

i miss cds

Thanks to iTunes jparks has put a ban on buying actual cds. At first I resisted this ban, crying for liner notes I could hold in my hand, the actual case with a song list, cover art with...

Sorry, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy as I type this and dang, that McDreamy is cute. I'm still in season one and he's wearing a preppy girl's wet dream come true: button down under a sweater. Sheesh, I'm swooning.

Anyway, cds. cds. cds.

McDreamy in scrubs. We all know I love scrubs and McDreamy in scrubs just makes them all that much better. How do the women on this show stay focused when filming?

eww, spinal surgery. Nothing brings you back from McDreamyland faster than spinal surgery. That's kinda distracting. How can I focus on hotness when there's blood and such on screen?

I never liked that Katherine "Izzie" Heigl until I started watching Grey's. Now I want to invite her over to make cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. And then we're going to hold down Ellen "Grey" Pompeo and shove those cupcakes down her throat until her scary toothpick arms look slightly normal.

Oh god! Spinal clot! Must cleanse memory by staring at McDreamy. oooh, all better now.

I've never had big surgery before so I'm wondering if they really wheel you in to the OR awake. Me thinks I would not like that.

Man, why did I wait so long to start watching this show? Why didn't someone tell me about the wonder that is McDreamy?

Oh, right, cds. I miss them. Am I the only one?


  1. I've been trying to start an obsession with Grey's Anatomy while Drew's out of town. The last time he was gone for two weeks, and I watched season one on DVD. That was only 9 episodes. I didn't know how I'd get through season 2, which is something like 27 episodes, in the week he was gone this time. Turns out I didn't need to worry because although season 2 is next on my queue, and although they say it's available, they keep insisting on sending me other movies first. Dunno why. Now Drew's coming home today, so it's not like I have time to watch them anyway.

    McDreamy is awfully pretty, ain't he?

    The one surgery I've had that I was completely knocked out for, I was wheeled into the OR awake. Not too bad. It really does look like every other OR you've ever seen on TV. I don't know if it was standard operating procedure, though, because the anesthesiologist couldn't find a vein to start an IV in the prep room so he brought me into the OR so I could be gassed up (like happy gas at the dentist) since that apparently puffs your veins up. The last thing I remember saying was "Sweet."

  2. Even I think McDreamy is hawt. This opinion is shared by my cohort. It is in fact thanks in part to Patrick Dempsey's appearance in Grey's that I was permitted to shave the goatee, trading it in instead for perpetual allover scratchiness.

    Aside, for the gents: There is, apparently, a very fine line between "v. sexy stubble" and "OW OW IT BURNS GET IT AWAY FROM ME". Word to the wise.

  3. I recall being wheeled into surgery twice, and yes, I was conscious. Then something happens and you are chatting it up with the anesthesiologist and ... *blackout*. Just like Tony Soprano ... (c:

    I miss vinyl. And I marginally miss the novelty of eight track. The good news is I kept my vinyl, we have a turntable and every once in a great while I relive things I don't really have a clear memory of anyway.

    The crow in me will never give up cd's. They are so shiny. Must gather shiny things.

  4. I've had major surgery twice, both times I was wheeled into a waiting area where family could say goodbye (I mean say 'we'll be here when you wake up'). Both times they gave me the IV and anesthetics and I don't remember anything after that really. Except actually, both times I did wake up at some point and remembered later and told my doctor. Both times, they said something along the lines of "huh" with a worried look on their face and noted that I should not have remembered anything.

    I still buy CD's. Adam thinks it's archaic but I buy them anyway.