Wednesday, June 20, 2007

medical updates, stat!

Last night I got Molly's Prozac prescription refilled, but this time we changed from pills to an easy to administer gel. We squirt it into her ear and then marvel at how much easier that just was then trying to shove a pill down her throat only to have her hairball it back up as soon as we let her go. Yay for transdermal gels!

Today jparks had to take Lily to the vet. We figured if one animal was on Prozac then hell, let's drug'em all! No, I keed. Lily went to the vet because lately she has been scooting across the carpet and I guess that's not normal. Although watching her scoot made me want a roomba so it could follow her scoot trail across the living room. Not that she left a scoot trail. I swear our house is clean.

The vet told jparks that Lily needed her anal glands expressed and taught him how to do it. So now jparks is in charge of expressing the anal glands of all of our animals. He's the Anal Gland Expresser or AGE, if you will. Do you have some anal glands that need expressing? Call jparks, he's the AGE! He offers competitive pricing on all expressing jobs! And with his professional hands, your dog will enjoy the expressing experience! Call now, operators are standing by!

So now Molly's on Prozac, Lily's been expressed, and Tangi is perfectly fine. And I was fine until a second ago when Lily's expressed butt oozed onto me. Time to go change. We can only have one family member at a time with dog butt ooze on them, and jparks currently has this position filled.


  1. You'll have to excuse me if I can't stop laughing at the idea of Jason expressing anal glands. Oh, my gosh. Yep. Can't stop.

  2. Stacey, I think that's the fastest anyone has EVER left a comment on my blog.

  3. Sign me up!

    Baz scoots. Part of the reason he's on a diet is that it's unclear whether he does it because he's too fat to lick his ass properly (so he could be scooting because he's "wiping") or because he really does have ass problems. He has had to have them expressed on at least one occasion and the vet offered to teach me how to do it but apparently unlike jparks, I can both smell and maintain my dignity so I declined in favour of ongoing professional services.

    The third option, of course is that he just, you know, LIKES IT.

  4. Ewww we had to have Chachi's glands expressed a couple weeks ago becasue he was stinky. If I knew that Jason was qualified.... Did ya know that small dogs are prone to needing to have their glands expressed? Icky!
    Also we have a roomba, it sucks! (in the bad way, not the vaccumey way)

  5. Our dog scoots but it's because he has allergies so his butt itches...