Monday, June 25, 2007

wax on

All together now, with oomph: Grow, leg hairs, GROW!

See, we're leaving for Maui on Thursday and I really wanted to get my legs waxed before we left. But stupid me shaved about a week and a half ago and the leg hair isn't really long enough to wax. Normally I don't mind that it's slow growing but right now I want it to grow faster. I'm using all my energy to will it to grow faster. Grow little hairs! GROW!

Jparks and I are starting the packing process (yes, it's a process with us) and I'm working on toiletries, including, but not limited to, sunscreen:
SPF 490

It's a bit excessive, isn't it? I plan on being the one person to go to Hawaii and not get a tan. And to scare everyone else with my blinding legs. My blinding legs with, hopefully, no hair on them.


  1. You shaved?! OH NOES.

    That's why I never get my legs waxed - I can't bear the in-between times. I always end up saying screw it and shaving them.

  2. I know you think I'm skin cancer-bound and therefore my tanned opinion is of no value, but my god woman, that is a shitload of sunscreen!