Thursday, July 19, 2007

is butt clinching a skill I can put on my resume?

Man, you people are cold. You were even able to resist Lily's pleas for yur money. Well, I'm tapped out of ideas for now. If you don't want to give, apparently, I can't make you. Maybe you're all saving your allowances for the big Harry Potter release this weekend. Maybe you'll donate after that? Maybe? Please?*

Besides having you people kill me with your ungiving nature (Is that mean? I think it's mean. I'm sorry.) not much has been going on. Are you really surprised? Jparks and I aren't really that interesting. In fact, last week his bestest friend came out here and jparks could barely find the energy to go do things with him. I think we might really be 90 years old. We should go see if we can find a swimming pool full of cocoons to swim in. That might give us the energy we need to live like normal people.

The most exciting thing to happen lately is that Tuesday night jparks and I were in bed trying to fall asleep. The room was dark, Lily was tucked in, and I decided to give my loving husband a wet willy. Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I've been hanging out with jparks too long, I'm starting to pick up his annoying habits.

Of course, he had to retaliate and he did this by trying to give my butt a wet willy. Keyword in that sentence is try as he was not successful thanks to my mad butt clinching skillz. Yeah, I have butt clinching skillz. I know it's not normal, but you would not believe the skillz you need when you're married to jparks.

*I started this post at work and when I went to finish it at home I had another donation. Thanks Jennifer, you're not ungiving!


  1. Hang on a second, woman! The race is in September!

  2. yeah, I know. But I'm not good with waiting or patience.

    And I apologized for saying people were ungiving! I meant it! Really!

  3. I understand totally. I think I started fundraising 3 months before the WalkAmerica and started tapping my toes immediately.

    We'll be giving to you, never fear. We love boobies. And loldogs.

  4. I think it's the whole "I'm trying to do good and what if I fail" thing that makes me need to raise the money in the first week. No, next week is toooo late, it must be now.

    And the working in nonprofit in the past really doesn't help either. Or the being competitive thing I have. Oy, I'm probably the worst person to have fund raising for a group. I'm more likely to scare people away than I am to bring support in.

    heh, I support boobies. Just call me a bra.

    Man, that was bad.