Monday, July 16, 2007

it's that time of year again

What time of year is it exactly? It's time for everyone to make a donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation by clicking here. This year's race is September 23rd and, like last year, I plan on running the race and raising some funds to support the cause.

Last year I raised a tiny bit more then my personal goal. I am extremely grateful for all of the support I received and I hope to surpass this year's goal as well. Speaking of which, I raised my goal (just by a bit) because I know we can do it! And because I think I have more people reading this blog than last year. (it's the sexy pictures of jparks that keep bringing people in) And more people means more money! At least, that's what I hope.

It's super easy to donate and even if you're only able to give $5, it helps. The Komen Foundation is the largest, non-government foundation providing funding for breast cancer research and by the end of 2007 they will have invested more than $1 billion towards research. Tons more info about the Foundation can be found here.

So, as jparks likes to say, "Let's all save boobies!" Also, the sooner you all donate money and we reach the goal, the sooner I stop begging for money and we can get back to sexy jparks pictures. Come on, you know you want more of the sexy beast. Clicky clicky

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