Tuesday, July 3, 2007

one year down

Today is jparks and I's first wedding anniversary. So for everyone that had the "they won't make it one year" squares on the betting pool, please know you have lost. Losers! Contact your local bookies to replace your bets. You can pick any day from "a year and a day" to 50 years. Why up to 50 years? After that point in time all bets are off and I get a medal for lasting that long. I mean, come on folks, we're talking about jparks here, 50 years will be quite the feat. Even I think I'll probably strangle him around year 46. I love him, but the chewing! With his mouth open! Just thinking about it makes my blood pressure rise.

So, how are we celebrating our anniversary? By hiking to some waterfalls and having dinner at Mama's Fish House. My anniversary gift from jparks was a fancy pants pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. They came from the same store that Paris Hilton was recently photographed shopping in so I now consider her and I best friends. She's going to let me be her exclusive photographer from here out. I'm going to be very rich as soon as I sell the first batch of pictures to Star magazine.

My gift to jparks was a pair of teva water shoes. He's going to claim that he bought his own water shoes and they weren't a gift from me, but don't listen. He's wrong and has a hard time accepting that. And while they won't bring him friendships with famous people, like my sunglasses, they are still a pretty good gift. Or at least that's what I'm telling him so he doesn't realize he got the shaft this anniversary. Because nothing says "Happy Year Anniversary! I love you! No really I do, I just forgot to get you a real gift because I was busy before we left for vacation and my life is hectic, but I love you!" quite like water shoes.


  1. Oh yeah! Happy anniversary! May y'all last 50 years and one day.

  2. Happy anniversary! I think the one-year present is supposed to be paper (maybe?), so water shoes are a step up from a piece of paper!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! :D

  4. For our 1-year anniversary, we went to Maui and considered our confirmation printouts for our trip our anniversary gift to each other b/c they were "paper" and the traditional one-year gift is paper. Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys are having tons of fun.