Sunday, July 29, 2007

seating issues

I've been obsessing a bit about furniture lately. I'm trying to find a good balance between getting rid of everything we currently have and buying all new furniture (jparks' suggestion) to adding a few new pieces to fill the all of the glorious space we are about to have. I'm leaning towards adding a few new pieces as I know we are not nearly as rich as we are in jparks' imagination.

Right now we have a chocolate brown leather couch. It is very nice, although I know someone that would tell you differently (any guesses who?). The new place really needs a love seat to round out the living room and I've fallen head over heels with one. The problem? It's above me. It's a 10 and I'm only a 4. I could marry up, but this love seat could never marry down to my level.

Camden Sofa

See what I mean, it's way out of my league.

Now this next love seat is in my league. Actually, I might be out of it's league. If I'm a 4 then it's a 3.

cheap knockoff

That first one is from Crate and Barrel and if I had the money I would order it Right. This. Minute. The second one is from Target and if I weren't scared shitless of ordering furniture from Target without seeing it first, I would order it.

So, what do you guys think? Is it safe to order a love seat from Target? Or is it a totally batshit insane idea and I should keep looking? Or would anyone like to buy the Crate and Barrel one for me? I swear to love it forever and ever.


  1. Well, you know, I was going to donate $899 plus taxes and shipping* to your save boobies fund, but I guess I'll get that love seat for you instead. :)

    *legal disclaimer: I so wasn't.

  2. Go immediately to Scandanavian Design. They are having a huge clearance sale and they have quite nice furniture. If Crate & Barrel is a 10 (and you most definitely are NOT a 4!! You can hold your own with a 10 any day!), then Scandanavian Design is about a 7. They have some really nice pieces that will not blow your budget. I would be wary of anything from Target. Furniture should most definitely be purchased with a 10-year useful life outlook, and I am not sure Target would be quite worth the money in the end.

    And I think leather sofas are awesome, especially the chocolate brown variety and not the "I'm-a-bachelor-and-trying-to-look-cool-so-I-can-get-laid" black variety.

  3. dang Stacey, you have a true dedication to boobies. :)

    Scandinavian Design you say Linda. I'll have to see where the nearest one is.

    There's a huge showroom up here in San Mateo right on B Street at 3rd. There are also other's around the area. They have both higher-end and middle-of-the-road stuff (price-wise), and all nicely designed.

  5. In my very humble opinion $900 is a lot to spend on a loveseat, especially if your pets are prone to really love it. As pretty as it is, how long until the fabric stretches and sags? Personally I would opt for the Target one, fully knowing that you won't be comitting to 10 years with it (cause it's Target), and then when a kitty or a puppy barfs, scratches, drools or sheds all over you won't have a heart attach. Also kids? Barf, drool and all the good stuff....
    Adam and I are living a similar dilemma now. We want to replace our nasty set with a leather couch and a contrasting oversized chair, and I argue all of these points to him, and still convince him that I don't want Ikea.
    Anyhow good luck yeah!
    And green and brown is my favorite combination!

  6. Try House of Values in San Mateo (on El Camino) Tell them the name of the couch you want from Crate and Barrel. I did that with a leather chair from Pottery Barn and saved lot's o' cash. They are a small, kinda funky outfit but they know their furniture.

    Contact info and yelp reviews

  7. Although the first one may be more streamlined, I actually like them both equally, despite their very different brands and slightly different shapes. Unless you truly are not attracted to the Target one, why not. Besides, the bullseye doesn't come printed on the loveseat so you can tell people you got it from the Store for the Extremely Wealthy. :)