Monday, July 23, 2007

things I did this past weekend

  • Went to a Harry Potter release party but did not stay until midnight. It was cute and all, but staying up until midnight is for young whipper snappers, not jparks and I.

  • Went to a wine tasting party where jparks hung out with a (almost) 2 year old. Pictures will be added to the "jparks has baby fever" set on flickr soon.

  • Discussed how even I can't believe I wrote that I have mad butt clinching skillz

  • Read all of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

  • Bought a house

  • Took Molly to the vet. Now I not only have to give her Prozac, but I have to squirt antibiotics down her throat. Fun!

  • Made a cake. Cursed at the cake. Threw it away. Made it again. Cursed at this one. Vowed to never make another cake as cupcakes are 4 bajillion times easier to make. And they are cuter.

  • I would say it was a nice, quiet weekend don't you think?


    1. you mention buying a house so nonchalantly...just throw it in the middle and no one will notice...details?!?!?

    2. A house! Please, tell me - does it have a pool!!

      (Realize that if you say yes, I will be over every other Friday playing hookey from work)

    3. I love how you throw "bought a house" in there like it's no big deal and something you do on a regular basis. Where are the PICTURESSS? :)

    4. Um, a house?? Details, please!!

    5. a house? You bought a house? Like with a roof and walls and stuff? Sigh, I'm jelous!

    6. I SERIOUSLY did not even catch the house thing until I read the comments. Ha ha ha ha ha.