Sunday, August 12, 2007

feel free to call him Nugget now

Jparks and I were standing in the checkout at Target and I felt like being annoying. (what? He's annoying all the time, I get to be annoying every once in awhile)

"Can I have some beef steak nuggets? pleasssssse?"


"Whyyyyy? I really want beef steak nuggets. You never let me get anything good. All the other kids get to have beef steak nuggets."

"I've got a beef steak nu, uh, crap."

"hahaha, you've only got a nugget! A teeny tiny nugget!"



  1. If I was drinking milk right now it would be all over my screen. From my nose.

  2. I got no sympathy - it's like the witty and erudite 'deez nuts' family of jokes. If you can't remain vigilant, you deserve whatever you get, up to and including comparisons to nitrites. ;)