Sunday, August 26, 2007

woohoo, a game!

Moving really makes you see exactly how much crap you own. Like jparks' crepe spreaders. Imported (by us) from Paris. That have never been used. Why do we own these? I don't know. But can you say you have authentic crepe spreaders from Paris? Of course not, and that's why we rule!

In jparks defense, the crepe spreaders are small and take up only a tiny part of a drawer in the kitchen. You want to know what's not tiny? What takes up way more than a tiny part of a kitchen drawer? My shoes. Dear god they are everywhere. For some reason they seemed less numerous in the apartment, maybe because they were partially in the closet, partially under the bed, and partially under the sofa. Here, all lined up (mostly) in boxes the number of pairs seems overwhelming.

So, in the spirit of whitneybee's now infamous picture, let's play a round of Guess How Many Pairs of Shoes I Own.

Here are some hints to aid you in your guesses:

  • I only managed to get two pairs of shoes from my house in New Orleans after the hurricane

  • This means I've only been on my shoe shopping spree for the past two years

  • I went on a shoe diet where I didn't buy shoes for 90 days

  • jparks counts flip flops as shoes

  • For awhile I averaged a pair of shoes a week

  • I have a couple of pairs that I love so much I bought them in brown and black

  • I really like shoes. Like a lot.

  • Guess away!


    1. I'm going to say 44. Ironically, I have open in another window, as I haven't bought a pair of sneakers in 10 years...

    2. You said when you went on your diet that you had 52 pairs, and your habit was a once a week habit. So that was earlier this year. Roughly 6 months since it ended, so I'll guess around 70 pairs. In which case I am so jelous! Since I've moved to California I have thrown away 34 pairs. I was ruthless when we moved, I had shoes from my alternative days, all big and clunky. Shoes I never wear anymore, they're in shoe heaven now.

    3. all good guesses thus far. Also, if you emailed me or im'ed me your guess, then chances are I've forgotten it. My bad.

      I'm going to count later this week because right now I have no idea what the number is.

    4. OK, I'm going to guess 80. And I'm not thinking that is too many pairs of shoes, because there are many reasons you would actually NEED 80 pairs of shoes. Like for example: you used to have a job where you had to dress up and be fashionable and wear different shoes all the time, and now you stay at home and work on photos all day thus requiring you to shelve all your pointy-toed-high-heels and invest in flats and tennies, but can't bring yourself to get rid of said high-heels b/c you might end up with a job that requires you to wear them again. Anyway, they are pretty. Also, when planning an outfit for an upcoming wedding, you would then have a CHOICE of shoes to go w/ that outfit rather than be forced to wear some crappy old shoes you have in the back of your closet OR go out and have to buy new shoes for the occasion, but rather have CHOICES on shoes that match the outfit. Perfect!!

    5. I think if they are pretty and they make you happy and the mortgage still gets paid that it doesn't matter how many pair you have. When people tell me to count my yarn I tell them that's like asking how much I weigh. It's impolite to ask. Maybe you have as many pairs of shoes as you weigh?

    6. A pair of shoes *a week*? You are the queen! Um, I'm guessing 75.

    7. hmm...I'm going with 68. I on the other hand, haven't bought any shoes since probably around March.