Friday, September 7, 2007

dude, owning a home is stressful

People keep asking to see pictures of our new house and I keep saying soon! Really soon! But not right now! See, I'm a bit OCD (surprise!) and I want my house to be finished before I start showing it off. Hence the housewarming not happening until October. Of 2012.

First on my list of things to do was get the living room painted. We decided to go with painters for the job because there are stairs involved. Stairs and really high spots. And I'm short. And you might not know it from my hobbies but I'm afraid of heights. And I'm afraid of being on a ladder during an earthquake. Is there a name for that particular phobia?

After having a couple of painters give us bids I decided not to hire the cheapest guy, but to hire the guy that could come the earliest and said he could get the job done in one day because he has an assistant. That was great news because jparks and I can't really hang out at the house instead of going to work for more than one day. We are both way too important for that.

On Wednesday the painter showed up. Without his assistant. "Hey, this might take two days since I don't have my assistant. But he should be here tomorrow and we should be able to get it done." okay, fine. jparks will try to work from home that morning and I'll take the afternoon off. Except, later the same day, he announces "You know, if my assistant can't make it tomorrow I might have to finish up on Monday." Do you see where this is going, because I didn't. I was all "Of course his assistant will show up! People are nice and good and always do as they promise. Look a rainbow!" I'm such a twit. Or knitting wit, as my mom likes to say.

On Thursday he came back sans assistant. That is also the day my head exploded. I think the two things are related but who knows for sure. He painted enough to say "look I painted!" but not enough that we are able to put our living room back together. Because being able to sit on your couch is a luxury jparks and I just don't need right now. Today we had a coffee table delivered. I have no freaking idea where it's going to go, but that's part of the fun. Our living room is a giant Tetris game and I can't wait to get home and play.

On Monday the painter is coming back to hopefully finish everything. He says that for going over the estimated time frame he's going to touch up some of our scuffed walls for free. I'm thinking that should only take an extra 4 days. 5, if his assistant doesn't show up.


  1. I hope you go balls out on that painter... One thing I've learned as a homeowner is that 90% of contractors will screw you over the second they can. You get jaded quick. Also, ask immediately for a copy of their business license and certificate of liability insurance, and check them out on the State Contractors' Board website. Throw the Better Business Bureau in there for fun.

    Also, we moved into our house in August, and I didn't have a housewarming party till February. We just didn't have the money to do all the things I wanted done before I showed my house off to everyone and their mama. Take your time.

  2. I have a huge ladder, and an huge extension pole for the paint rollers, etc. And Regan you can say whatever you want about my extension pole, at least I don't have to wait for some man and his assistant ... At any rate it's taking forever to finish things because I'm waiting for my husband to do stuff he needs to do with his precious electronics equipment wires. Good Gawd ... I do have some painting to do that involves wall that go up to the ceiling of the second floor and have floors on the first floor. It's a bit nerve jangling. I hope I don't fall and break a hip!