Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I think this is the perfect reason to quit my job

Have you been on the edge of your seat wondering how our painter debacle ended? I am happy to report that on Monday he showed up exactly on time (maybe he reads my blog. Hello Mr. Painter Man!) and finished our living room and half bathroom by noon (I think. I wasn't home and jparks didn't tell me exactly what time the guy finished). I'm thinking he only did one coat in the bath and it really needs another coat or at least some spots need to be touched up. But I know jparks was getting antsy because he really needed to get to work so there was no time for second coats.

By the end of the day jparks was all "We are never hiring another painter. Never!" But the truth is that I will hire another painter to finish up the house. There is no way I'm going to have the time or energy to do it myself and some of it will just end up a big mess if I try. The problem (again) is that someone needs to be home while the painter is there. And as I mentioned, it's really hard for either jparks or I to work from home.

So today I was toying with ways to get the job finished without either of us having to be home. Maybe I could hire a house sitter to sit in the house while the painter is there. Or hire a cleaning crew to come while the painter is working. Then pay the painter a bit extra to watch the cleaning crew and pay the cleaning crew a bit extra to watch the painter. Or maybe I could buy a nanny cam and set it up in the room that the painter is working in. Or maybe I could get a camcorder and strap it to Lily's back. Then I could have her sit and video the painter all day.

Really, how can I pick just one of these ideas when they are all so good?


  1. on a totally different note and probably a completely unnecessary one...

    one bottle pop...two bottle pop...

  2. I vote for strapping a camera to Lily's back. It would have to be a really small camera, 'cause you know she's so tiny and stuff.... Or you could borrow Chachi and use a slightly larger camera. But he would just bark at the painters....

  3. I like the camera on Lily's back idea. That could totally work, just put jerky treats in the painters pockets. On another note, if you have a good solid wireless internet connection, I'll house sit and watch the painter for you. I can work on photo projects from anywhere I have a good internet connection. Well, that and I need bubble-water, the kind w/ lime :-)