Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pam Anderson stole the part from me

There is a meme going around the interwebs right now that has you realize how you are wasting your life at your current job by pointing out all the careers you would be really good at and that you would actually enjoy. It's like a trip to your high school guidance counselor but 10 years too late.

I finally broke down after seeing the lovely Ms. Chez Shoes take the quiz and get slotted for many things including: dog groomer, sign maker, and butcher. Wow, such diversity! I had to find out what I'm meant to do career wise. Maybe I was supposed to be a sign maker too. I've always loved the smell of tempera paint. And glitter is so much fun.

After completing the quiz my results popped up and they really weren't all that diverse:

1. Elementary School Teacher
2. High School Teacher
3. Teacher Assistant
4. Early Childhood Educator
5. Professor
6. Nanny
7. Communications Specialist
8. Print Journalist
9. Critic
10. Market Research Analyst
11. Writer
12. Translator
13. Activist
14. Public Relations Specialist
15. Political Aide
16. Public Policy Analyst
17. Special Education Teacher
18. Physical Education Teacher
19. Adoption Counselor
20. Career Counselor
21. Music Teacher / Instructor
22. Lifeguard
23. Foreign Language Instructor
24. ESL Teacher
25. Correctional Officer
26. Actor

How many times can "You shouldn't have switched out of the education department in college, you moron" be stated in one list? Apparently, a lot.

I understand that I probably should have been a teacher but really the most fitting suggestions on the list are lifeguard and actor. Because when people meet me they always ask if I ever auditioned for Baywatch. I just look like I should be wearing a red bikini, holding a flotation device, and running down the beach in slow-mo. awww yeah.


  1. Yeah...the bastard list tried to hit me about the head with my actual degrees. Stupid list, trying to tell me I made a mistake ten years too late.

    Or, as the wife said, "Cheeky God..."

  2. why can't i do the quiz? Arg. Perhaps mine would read: page turner, chalk board eraser and stamp licker since I don't seem to have the cognitave abilities for much else lately.

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  4. Hmmm, cannot find username and password....

  5. maybe they figured out every single person was using that user name and password so they deleted the account.