Tuesday, October 30, 2007

coming soon to a blog near you

woohoo, it's the 30th which means it's almost November, otherwise known as NaBloPoMo! The world has never known such excitement.

Since I've been hording post topics I thought it would only be fair to give you a tease of what's to come. Hopefully these things sound good enough that you'll want to come back and read a full post about them. Or they may sound totally boring and you'll want to come back and leave snarky comments about how pathetic I am. Either way, please come back!

  • boys' bathroom habits

  • my new pot (it's so pretty) and recipes

  • stupid stuff jparks does and says (I have nothing specific but I'm certain he'll give me material)

  • Thanksgiving

  • uh, crap, is that all I have?

  • the house, yeah that's something! I'll talk about the house

  • shoes! Because it's also NaBloShoeMo (for anyone that cares, my goal is to wear a different pair of shoes everyday in November. I suspect I can make it a week before I hit a repeat)

  • a new MacBook (ha, now that I've mentioned it on my blog, jparks HAS to buy it for me)
  • Is there something you want to know about me? Because I'm certain I'll get desperate enough for post topics and will happily answer your questions. Email them to me or leave them in the comments

  • some other crap

  • Are you all titillated by these post teasers? I hope so, otherwise November is going to be really boring for you.


    1. I'm most excited about the recipes and THE SHOES. I told my husband Susan's fine print DEMANDED we buy new shoes. He rolled his eyes. But didn't stop me ;)

    2. Anything break in the eQuake?

    3. I almost never run into another "Jennie," so it trips me out to see that you have another friend who spells her name the correct way. =) It's basically us and Jennie Garth. Heh.

      Although, I was at a Jamba Juice recently and the guy actually asked me "with a y or an ie" after I told him my name. I thanked him profusely and said IE! He knows a Jennie and always asks now. If we were in a restaurant, I totally would have given him a huge tip.

    4. I commented on my blog for you, but I'll promise you here too, I'll still write 30 posts, but there was a chance I"ll was going to LA to see the Ellen show with Adam's mom, so he would have to fill in when I'm gone. Although I think I can't go now, but Adam promised to fill in, now I'm just going to make him post some anyhow, becasue he should! And I should make him post to his own for 30 days too.