Friday, October 5, 2007

good karma my ass

I went to the gym this morning and found, on the dashboard of my selected treadmill, a platinum engagement ring. I knew that somewhere there was a woman freaking out that her ring was missing so I did the nice thing and brought it to the gym staff. At the time I wasn't thinking about karma, I was thinking that not hocking the ring and buying shoes was the right thing to do. It was later in the day that I realized turning this ring in had earned me some major karma points and I knew exactly how I wanted to redeem them.

Earlier this week I had entered a contest on Live 105.3's website. It required that you come up with five questions you would like to have Robert Smith of the Cure answer. The person with the best questions would get to interview Mr. Smith for 105.3's website and four runners up would get to meet him backstage at the concert. I figured that I now had some karma points banked and could turn them in for at least a runner up spot.

Except karma hates me. I have waited all day for a phone call or email from the station and have gotten nothing. Dang it, my questions were good. Good in the way that only some obsessive freak that wore all black and "identified" with the Cure as a teenager can come up with. Good like I actually put thought into them and didn't just ask "who are your influences?" Good like, why didn't I win?!?

I told jparks earlier that if I had known karma wasn't going to pay out I would have kept the ring for myself. Which is totally not true, but I'm buttsore enough right now about not winning (NOT EVEN RUNNER UP!) that I am enjoying pretending that it could be true. I could have pawned the ring and bought a Robert Smith autographed something or other. Dammit karma, what's up with not giving me my prize for being a good human? All I can say is that the next time I find an engagement ring Robert Smith better be around the next corner. Or else.

and just to go for full disclosure I did waver back and forth over writing this post. If I didn't write it then I'm left stewing in my own anger over not winning. But by posting I've pretty much sealed the deal on not winning. Well, confirming my lose feels better than stewing in anger.


  1. Yea, to believe in Karma is a bit superstitious.

    This is not to say you shouldn't have done what you did. The more nice things people do, the more nice things happen, and this ends up working in our favor.

    Think of it more in terms of the 'Butterfly effect' instead of instant karma.


  2. Alan, so I should think of it in terms of bad Ashton Kutcher movies?