Thursday, October 25, 2007

klutzy doesn't even begin to describe it

On August 18th, we moved into our new house. That means it took 69 days for me to fall down the stairs for the first time. Frankly, I'm surprised I made it that long. And since I like to go all out when I do things, I fell down them not once, but twice this morning.

Don't fret, I'm okay. A sore backside and a bruised ego are the only injuries I got from my tumble(s).

The first fall was from the second step down all the way to the bottom one (I can't phrase that in a way that makes sense. It was the second to the top step down to the bottom step but not the floor. You know what I mean? kinda? maybe?). Limbs were flailing all around and I finally gripped the wall enough to stop right at the last second. I landed face down and had to just remain very very still for a moment to absorb what had just happened. Meanwhile, Tangi and Lily sat at the top of the stairs just staring wide-eyed. Once I landed and was no longer a flattening threat to either of them, they both came down to sniff and make sure I was alive. Once they saw that I was fine I'm fairly certain I heard them laughing. I figured that jparks would be immediately come to check on me, but he didn't. Turns out Mr. World's Lightest Sleeper somehow slept through it. That's quite the feat for him.

The second tumble was totally dumb and I really should have known better. I was almost out of the door for the day when I realized I needed to grab something from upstairs. I ran back up in a hurry, pausing for a half second to think "Should I take my heels off", but decided to keep moving as I was running late enough as it was. Who has 3 seconds to spare for heel removal, that's just a time consuming activity!

In my haste on the way down, one ankle crumbled and that sent me tumbling down the stairs again. The good news is that this time I managed to catch myself after about 4 steps. Again, the animals stared at me but I swear I heard Tangi say "The moron did it again!" under her breath. And I think Lily muttered "Told you to take those heels off" but I could be wrong.

I told jparks that I'm going to need one of those chairs built into the wall that carries me up to the second floor. It might not be a necessity now, but once I'm knocked up (not happening any time soon, so calm down) it might be. Or I could just learn how to walk up and down stairs like a normal person. Or, my favorite idea yet, I could make jparks piggy back me up and down the stairs. Think how buff he would become! That's why I'm pushing for that idea, because it is so beneficial for him. And I'm all for jparks forming good, healthy habits.


  1. Like one of those chairs in Casper?! aka Best Movie Ever?

    I hope your tailbone is okay. I bruised mine once in Chicago at a Cubs game and couldn't sit down on the subway ride back to the hotel. Actually I couldn't sit down anywhere for about a month. :P

  2. AHHH that is scary! I have a fear of falling down the stairs while carrying Baby Berkan. Perhaps we should put in a dumb waiter so I can raise and lower her safely.
    In any case I'm glad you're ok. Did you just slide down, bumpity bump style, or fall ass over teakettle style?
    I think a good housewarming gift might be knee pads and a helmet. Oh yay I've been stressing over the perfect gift!

  3. Sara, Casper? Really best movie ever?

    Deadra, The first tumble was more of a sideways roll down the steps. Head facing one wall, bum facing the other, and limbs all over the place. The second fall was a bumpity bump slide. But that actually kind of hurt my neck and back more than the other fall. I'm really digging the dumbwaiter idea. Much better than my idea of installing one of those tubes like at bank drive through tellers. But you know, bigger than that to fit the baby.

  4. Aren't those tubes like vaccumes? Fu-ney!

  5. Okay not best ever. OBVIOUSLY Hocus Pocus wins that.

    Hope your bum-bum is healing well! This is all payback for pulling that chair out from under me that time it was pouring and we had to have All Camp inside the mess hall with a fake fire.