Thursday, October 11, 2007


Folks, today I have a wicked headache. I thought it might be from a lack of caffeine, but after consuming a latte the pounding has not stopped. I'm beginning to think maybe it's stress related.

There are a number of things I'm stressed about right now ranging from totally ridiculous things to things that totally warrant stress. Like is my new deodorant working or should I switch back to my old favorite?

Stress #1: I have a Brownie troop meeting on Monday. It's our first official meeting of the year and I don't know what to do with them. I bought a bag of Halloween rings from Target, can we just play with those for an hour and a half? What if I get a bag of candy and we practice trick or treating? I'm such a lame troop leader.

Stress #2: Next week is the last meeting of my sensual dance class and the teacher instructed us to "dress the part". Uh, my hips don't want to dress the part. They like being covered by yoga pants during class. My ass specifically wrote a letter at the start of the class expressing it's desire to remain under wraps. The teacher suggested doing our hair and make up all sexy, but I go straight to class from work. The last thing I need is to be in the office looking like your mom a whore. We were also told to start thinking about our song we want to dance to. Any suggestions?

Stress #3: Jparks and I are planning a Disney World trip for February. Actually I'm planning a Disney World trip for February and I loathe vacation planning. LOATHE. It's just too much pressure for me. I like to sit back and relax while jparks selects hotels and flights. That way, if the hotel sucks I'm not to blame. The good news is, if this trip ever gets booked we'll have another set of these fun pictures.

Stress #4: Halloween is quickly approaching and I've got zero plans. Something is very wrong with that.

Stress #5: I think I need to paint more in the master bathroom. When will the fucking painting end? I am so over home ownership.

Stress #6: NaBloPoMo is starting again in November and there are a ton of things I want to blog about now, but I'm hording the thoughts so I have ideas for then. But I'm starting to get worried that I'm not posting enough now and you'll get bored and won't be here to read all my NaBloPoMo posts. This is a delicate balance that I'm trying to achieve. And now I see that it sounds like I have amazing blog post ideas up my sleeve. Let me assure you that I do not.

Stress #7: I changed deodorants and I can't tell if this new stuff is working. And since stress makes me sweaty I'm really not helping this situation any. Do I stink? Would you tell me if I did?


  1. okay Mrs. Former Program Director, first meeting plan what they want to work on for the year, badges, outings, whatever. Or get some of those big alphabet beads and make necklaces/name tags- those should take some time, except for the one girl that is always ridiculously coordinated. And with brownies you probably could spend an hour and a half playing with those rings. And I'm a fan of always using my old trustworthy deodorant.

  2. That's Mrs. Former Program Director/Assistant Camp Director/Better Councilor than You Because I Always had Toilet Paper, to you Sequoia

    The first step towards planning my meeting might be to get the leader handbook. All I have right now is the Try It book and the Girl's Handbook.

  3. How different is Brownies here to Canada? Do you have Lady/Lord Baden Powell day? Are the Brownie leaders called by Owl names? Like Brown Owl, Tawny Owl?
    Anyhow sigh, Guiding was so much fun, and I was a leader too. Then I discovered rugby and everything else went out the window.
    Halloween plans are hard to come by when you're all grown up. Adam and I are planning costumes, and also have no where to wear them. I think I can pass as a 13 year old and go trick or treating. (a pregnant 13 year old)

  4. Here Brownies are a subset of Girl Scouts. The breakdown goes like this:
    5 to 6 years old= Daisies
    6 to 8= Brownies
    8 to 11= Juniors
    11 to 17= According to the GS website just Girl Scouts, but they are really first Cadettes and then Seniors.

    We have Juliette Gordon Low Day (she founded the GS) and a few other random GS days (World Thinking Day, etc) but no Lord Baden Powell Day.

  5. #1 - your GS days will serve you well, don't underestimate your Super Scouting powers!
    #2 - Pictures needed.
    #3 - How many babies is JParks going to hold in Disney World?
    #6 - It could be worse, you could post too much like I do and make people stop caring, or even worse, DREAD going to your blog. :P
    #7 - I hope your deodorant is aluminum-free, that shit is scary. I'm protecting my boobs no matter how small they are. I use the Adidas CottonTech+ stuff and it's pretty good... and I'm a pretty stinky person.

  6. I swear those kids used a roll of toilet paper every time they went to the bathroom. The leader handbook would probably serve you well, my mom always did a lot of the program ideas out of there...but I would guess you can come up with better ideas from all your years at camp just don't teach them too many camp songs with parents around. And yes, I agree with Sara- aluminum free deodorant is the way to go.

  7. Do then no relation to the Canadian one? When is world thinking day, I think we had that. Oh it's been a long time.
    Anyhow the age breakdown is the same, except it's sparks, brownies, guides, pathfinders/ junior leaders.
    Is the Boy scouts a branch of the girl scouts? A couple years ago in Canada they started allowing girls into the boys scouts, kinda making brownies and guides redundant.
    Anyhow sorry for hijacking your comments, but it's so interesting.

  8. I think World Thinking Day is used by various Girl Scouts and Girl Guides throughout the world (heh) If I remember correctly, it's main purpose is to get girls thinking about various Girl Scouts in other countries and learn how you are similar and different.

    Girl Scouts are in no way related to Boy Scouts here. And we don't want to be, as Boy Scouts suck. Boy Scouts are much more judgmental about various races/religions/life choices than Girl Scouts. (If I were a more popular blog I would get flamed for saying that). Plus they use gasoline to start campfires. Wusses.

  9. Not that I am being partial to the boy scouts (it's an understood fact that girl scouts are better) but I seem to recall a certain someone singing off her arm and leg hair because of too much lighter fluid.

  10. I also seem to recall that had something to do with wet wood. huh huh, wet wood.

  11. "Fool In the Rain"

  12. Not gonna lie, I used tampons soaked in bug spray to start a fire. But this was also after it rained. So I'm less ashamed than usual. :P

  13. Regan, this is why yours is my favorite blog - the seamless transition from Brownies to stripping. Also, here's a sign that I've been reading your blog too much ... I read the word sparks as "S"-parks.

  14. Sara, bug spray soaked tampons? I don't know where you would get an idea like that. Certainly not from me.

    Jennifer, thanks for saying such nice things about my blog. And jparks was so amused by the sparks, "s"parks things. Maybe when we have kids I'll name it something with an S.

  15. so, my brother is going to be on K-Ville as a swat officer, oh and wet wood came up in conversation the other night with some of my friends, is that some sort of weird sign?