Wednesday, November 28, 2007

and it needs to match my dress

On Friday night I'm going to Lauren's work's holiday party as her date. And do you know what dates get? Dates get corsages! I think if I keep pushing enough she'll give in. I mean how could you not want to see me wearing this on my wrist: clicky here. Seriously, isn't it the most amazing, festive, breath-taking thing you've ever seen? I would be the belle of the ball wearing it.

The party is a casino night/karaoke/Dance Party USA thing and I am so totally excited for it. I've never been to real office casino night party. And I've only been to karaoke things in the Quarter when everyone is so drunk that you have to watch the video the next day to see that you were really there. This party has the potential to fulfill all of my dreams of what a true work holiday party can be.

But only if I get the damn corsage.

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