Monday, November 26, 2007

a case of the mondays

Is there really any need for me to explain why Mondays suck? Does anyone out there actually like Mondays? Can we all agree that Mondays following holiday weekends are the worst?

Bad Monday Thing 1. I got up extra early this morning to finish a work project that I should have completed over the weekend, but forgot about. Then my laptop was being a bitch so I had to actually sit at my desk and work. That's double punishment for being a slacker.

BMT 2. I got to the office, only to realize that I had a game tonight. And that game days mean going in late. Which means I could have slept in and completed my project after the sun came up. Also, I was not dressed to see clients as I was in jeans and motorcycle boots.

BMT 3. Pulled up to a red light and the guy next to me pointed at my passenger side tire and made the international symbol for "your tire is flat!" Turns out I had a nail in it. The thing is that yesterday I thought my car was driving kinda like I had a low tire but I didn't check. You know, because that would have been the smart thing to do.

BMT 4. Got to Wheel Works and found out this is the 4th nail I've had in my tires in a year. How many plugs can tires have before they just explode? Perhaps I should stop driving around construction yards looking for hot pieces of ass. I think that's where I keep getting nailed.

BMT 5. I wore a thin-ish shirt with a thin-ish bra. I kept everyone updated about the temperature all day.

BMT 6. Since the tire place had my car there was no afternoon coffee for me. And we all know how chipper I am when I miss a caffeine dose.

BMT 7. Kevin DuBrow was found dead. WHY GOD WHY?!? I'm going to mourn in my own way, light a candle and softly sing "Cum On Feel the Noize"


  1. I like Mondays because it’s my day off. It’s an excuse to polish off a third of a bottle of vodka, which I have done!

  2. I don't mind mondays. Also what is the international sign for a flat tire?


    Are those the words? I'm not a Quiet Riot girl myself. But my husband is a big fan, and they played at our wedding (no, really), so I was sad for him.

    It's almost Wednesday! Hooray!

  4. oy vey! Did Wheel Works offer you road hazard insurance?

  5. BMT 5. I wore a thin-ish shirt with a thin-ish bra. I kept everyone updated about the temperature all day.

    Would you say you kept everyone abreast of the temperature?