Sunday, November 4, 2007


Today, while vacuuming and doing the laundry I flipped a circuit breaker switch accidentally. This means no more house cleaning ever again. It's obviously too risky a chore because I was out of cable, internet, and power to a couple of rooms for a few minutes. MINUTES folks, that's like forever in no cable years.

Also, the cats are out of food and I'm taking my sweet ass time refilling their bowl. I would move faster but they are so nice and loving when they want something that I'm kind of enjoying them not having food. They follow me around and become very vocal, in a sad pathetic sort of way. Plus they willingly let me pet them. Without biting me. Seriously, hungry cats are the best. I just better not cross the line from hungry, sweet cats to hungry, eat my face off cats. Eh, maybe I'll go fill their bowl now, I like having a face.


  1. Bonsai turns into the most vile beast when he has no food. But when he's fed and happy he's a drool monter, content to sit on you, kneading you until you bleed and drooling all over you, in love.
    Yesterday I forgot to fill Chachi's bowl and he was forced to eat his old kibbles that I throw out. I felt so guilty. (we mixed brands when we changed to the new kind and he spit the old ones out and I sweep them up everyday, but yesterday I was blonde and he had to eat the ones he didn't like, I felt so guilty.)

  2. Too risky, love it!

    I'm telling my husband of said risks. I think we need to spread awareness.

  3. hahaha I do the same thing to Anya sometimes. It's the only way I can get her to pay attention to me.

    I hate having an anti-social cat, especially when I go over to other people's houses and their cats are like up my ass, and I wonder, what is wrong with mine?! But I guess it's just the luck of the draw. And I wouldn't trade my Anya girl for anything.

  4. Sara, my cat Tangi literally throws herself at visitors. I'm certain if she could speak she would say "I can't live her with these freaks another minute! TAKE ME WITH YOU!" But when we're alone she wants nothing to do with me.