Friday, November 2, 2007

I can has turkay?

This year jparks and I are not going home for Thanksgiving. I am fairly buttsore about this, but I knew our trips back to NOLA would have to become less frequent once we bought the house. Stupid house

What I've been debating is even though I can't go home does that mean that I have to skip having a traditional Thanksgiving meal? Can't I have some turkey and pumpkin pie like a normal person? Can't I stuff myself so full I pass out on the couch? Don't I at least deserve that?

So here's what I'm thinking: Undead Easter, but at Thanksgiving and sans zombies. And more potluck-ish. I would happily make turkey and a dessert item and then have everyone bring over one Thanksgiving-y item. Are there any people that aren't going out of town that might be interested in doing this?

Did I mention that we have a larger house now with more options for the sitting? And a bigger tv with surround sound for the watching of the movies? And a large coffee table for the playing of the games? And a cute dog for the petting?

So, who's game for Outcast Thanksgiving?


  1. I'll come over! But I suppose it depends on what day you do this. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing given the 3 sets of family I need to revolve around. So far I'm not going to my Dad's on Thanksgiving (but am having dinner with them the Saturday after t-day), I might be going to my Mom's at some point (possibly Thursday or Friday), and I have no idea what Cyrus' parents are doing.

  2. hmm Adam and I are true outcasts... we have no family to consider for this holiday at all...
    Also Adam wants to know which day you guys are going to the christmas party? And also there are 2 days? Really does this company ever just do something half assed, like every company I've been lucky enough to work for?

  3. we'd be totally game for this, but our thanksgiving dinner is going to consist largely of vindaloo and ratatouille or something. And lots of sticky toffee pudding.

  4. Count the Schrenks in! We have no plans for Thanksgiving at this point, and no family around.