Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm tired

  • The team jparks is on at Google has announced their super secret project. Finally. Hey jparks' bosses, when do I get my husband back?

  • I accidentally wore a very low cut shirt today with no cami under it. I also had a Brownie troop meeting today. It was not a good combination

  • Does anyone want to come over and be my personal litter box scooper? Or better yet, does anyone want two cats, slightly used?

  • Ew, not used in a sexual way. That's sick, you perv

  • You know what I bet is delicious? McDonald's Iced Coffee

  • You know I'm totally kidding, right? Although I would like to meet the person that thinks "I want an Iced Coffee and a Big Mac. Thank god my dream is now a reality."

  • Do they make self walking dogs? Is that an upgrade option for Lily? MTV, will you come pimp my dog?

  • My head hurts. Does ice cream cause headaches? Not like brain freeze, but actual headaches?

  • I'm asking about the ice cream randomly. I mean, I didn't just eat a half pint of it.

  • And I'm not thinking about going back for the other half of that pint.

  • mmm, ice cream.


    1. "Pimp my dog." That's the funniest thing I've heard so far today.

    2. I got really excited when I read your comment about the McDonald's iced coffee.
      And then I got really sad when I read that you were kidding.
      Cause I think it's yummy. :(