Sunday, November 11, 2007


As we all know I've been taking pictures of my shoes every day this month and posting them on flickr. And up until today I've only had nice people comment about my various pairs. Nice people without foot fetishes. Nice people that don't make me hate the internets.

Okay, let's back up. I posted this picture today:

I posted it in the NoBloPoMo group, which is not a fetish group. I did not give it any tags that would indicate I want fetish people to look at it. This was supposed to be a totally innocent picture. And yet I got a comment on it that was not innocent.

I've since blocked that particular flickr user and, by doing that, all of their comments have been deleted. But I know what the comments were and I'm still totally creeped out. I have nothing against people with foot/shoe fetishes but ugh, leave me alone!


  1. Heh. Yeah - ick!!! You'll notice that when I post shoe pics, they're Friends and Family only - this is why. There are also creepy short haircut fetish folks out there.

  2. Oh, do I know how creepy those comments can be. I've had to block a few people for their pervy comments on pictures of my SHOES. Geez, I don't judge your fetish, but keep it away from people who DO NOT SHARE IT.

    I've probably blocked ten people thus far. It never gets any less skin-crawling.

  3. It's unavoidable when you're sexy from head to toe! ;)

  4. EW! I totally had to do that this morning too, and it bummed me OUT! It was the first time ever and it reminded me that the internet isn't all warm and fuzzy all of the time. (shudder)

  5. I thought the comment was extra creepy (I got to see it before it was deleted) since it was just shoes! No feet, no toes, no skin. Just shoes. I've had to flock toe fetish people before, but I haven't encountered any shoe fetish people. Perhaps I'll go knock on wood now.

  6. The person that left the comment had left other comments in the past but nothing as creepy as yesterday's, just weird stuff that didn't totally indicate freak. It looked like they had created an account just to comment on shoe pictures (no user pic, no profile) so I wouldn't be totally shocked if they just create another account and come right back to shoe pictures.