Saturday, November 3, 2007

my precious

I'm not a particularly girly girl, but I'm not really a tomboy either. I do have a few stereotypical girl traits though: I love shoes, walking around the mall even if I don't need anything, and makeup. The shoes and mall thing make sense to me, but my obsession with makeup is an enigma.

On a daily basis I wear little to no makeup. We all know of my recent discovery of mascara and other than that I maybe wear a little chapstick or, if I'm feeling saucy, some lip gloss. Woohoo, a hint of color! I am a crazy woman.

But if I'm dropped into a Sephora than all hell breaks loose. I go into a trance and when I come to my senses again I've got a bag of makeup in my hands worth enough to feed a family of four for weeks. Maybe even months if one of the salesgirls has approached me offering help.

Last year Sephora offered a Blockbuster Palette that made me feel tingly in my special place but before I could order one, they were out of stock and I was left to mope about, lamenting the fact that I did not have one. damn you Spehora and your poor planning! You and Nintendo should get together and laugh over how you like to not meet the needs of society.

Well, imagine my surprise and excitement when they brought the palette back this year. With new colors! And a higher price tag! (figures. bitches.) I, of course, ordered one and then checked the tracking every day (multiple times each day) to watch my precious make its way across the country to my loving arms. Once it arrived I threw jparks out and the Palette and I had a few moments of alone time. It was all I was expecting and more.

I've had it for a few days now and I'm kinda a bit nuts about it. It arrived on Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday I brought it to work with me. Yeah, really. It sat on my desk and stared at me all day. My bosses asked what it was and when I exclaimed "Makeup!" and then opened it to show them, they just looked at me like I was a lunatic. And maybe I am because I've yet to actually use any of the makeup in it.

Right now it's so pretty and new I can't bring myself to drag a brush through any of it. I want it to stay perfect. I like looking at all of the little colors contained into their spots all perfectly untouched and fresh. I like how the lip glosses have perfectly smooth tops. And how the eye shadows haven't been accidentally touch by a brush with another color on it, contaminating the first color.

I mean, look at this, doesn't it make you a bit randy:
Sephora Blockbuster Palette


the spread


Seriously, I love it. And maybe tomorrow I'll actually use it. Yeah, tomorrow definitely.


  1. Love the pictures.

    Sephora really is like Disneyland for adults. Well, Sephora and Target.

  2. Oh pretty colours. When I was in England I got one similar, different brand and smaller and I loved it. Now that I don't work I don't wear makeup anymore. I think I may have forgotten how. Just wait at the christmas party I'll show up with green lips and red eyeshadow.

  3. I guess I'm off to Sephora right now...

  4. It's beautiful.
    ... and they just opened a Sephora in our mall this weekend (finally)!

  5. Deadra, I double dog dare you to do your makeup in a "white trash" theme for the holiday party. Blue eye shadow up to your brows!

    Bethany, did you get it, didyadidya??

    Merry, Trend lightly at the new Sephora or, before you know it, you'll be broke and forced to live in a cardboard box. But at least you'll be made up really nicely.

  6. This whole post makes me happy. You are so funny.

  7. I want that. SO SO badly.
    Sephora opens here in 2 weeks. I have the date marked in my calendar, and plan to be there, drooling, before the doors even open.

  8. Wow...the description and photo essay even made me want this a little.