Friday, November 30, 2007


I wore 30 different pairs of shoes this month.

  • 12 pairs were mary janes. I obviously have an obsession.

  • the last two pairs have yet to be posted, but I assure you I never repeated shoes and the last two are mary janes number 11 and 12

  • 3 pairs were ballet flats. Not quite as obsessive as the mj's, but I'm working on that

  • I'm surprised by how boring most of this month's shoes have been. I think I was worried that if I wore all my favorite shoes at random I would get to the end of the month with only boring shoes left to wear. Instead I went the opposite direction.

  • I could go another 2 months, at least, without repeating shoes

  • that last bullet point made jparks cry

  • I found a bunch of shoe twins

  • Someone wore a pair of shoes that I am helplessly in love with but are not available in stores.

  • I only had to block one weird person that wanted to know how my feet smell. yeaah

  • no pink shoes were worn. Sorry Tracy and Whitney!

    1. ooo I like the polka dotty ones too, and I promise if I ever see them on my internet travels I will forward the link to you.
      I get the mary jane obsession too, it makes me happy to know that I am not the only grown woman that still loves them and has more of them than anything else.
      and I covet all of your shoes.

    2. Tracy and I were talking about the lack of pink shoes yesterday. I think you owe us a photo of them when you finally wear them, regardless of any NoBloAnything. The rest o f the world needs to behold the beauty of the pink sparkly shoes!

    3. Look at that link! How lovely are you? Thank you!

      I have tons more flip flops I could have worn, and espadrilles and sandals. I think next year we should have a JuBloShoeMo for June or July. Just a thought. Obviously my husband is very much against it.

    4. you OWE us. DO IT. Wear those babies OUTSIDE!