Monday, November 19, 2007

part 1 of 3

Reasons why Tangi is my favorite:

  • she's got short legs and that amuses me

  • she plays fetch. Seriously, how awesome is that!?!

  • I can truthfully say she used to live in a van down by the river. (if by van I mean sandbar)

  • she drools when she's happy

  • she doesn't want attention often but when she does it's really sweet and, dammit, you better comply or there's no guarantee you won't end up bloody

  • she's moody. One minute she's loving you, the next she's torn your hand off. Probably because you weren't petting her correctly

  • she loves splaying out on the floor like this. We call it her bear trap pose because she's just waiting for you to rub her belly so she can attack

  • she photographs well

  • she does this thing where she hangs her front paws over the edge of things

  • she gets lost in our house and walks around crying until you call for her

  • because she came from my girl scout camp, which explains why she's loony, but makes her extra special with the best "how I got her" story


    1. Isn't Tangi the cat who tried to rip Adam's face off? Such a sweet little kitty.