Tuesday, November 20, 2007

part 2 of 3

Reasons why Lily is my favorite:

  • She's so dang cute

  • She's famous

  • She tolerates wearing ridiculous outfits simply for my amusement

  • She's got so much attitude stuffed into her little 3 pound body that I'm always amazed she hasn't exploded

  • she won't settle in for the night until she licks jparks' head

  • and sometimes she licks her butt before licking his head

  • when someone knocks on the door, she barks like she's actually got any bite to her

  • although sometimes she does have bite. It usually starts with jparks pissing her off and ends with bloodshed on his part

  • she thinks she's a cat. no, really, she does


    1. Do all chihuahuas think that they're cats? 'Cause Chachi does too. And for that matter is there a cut off in the weight limit for cats when they start behaving like dogs? 'Cause Bonsai has some dog like qualities.

    2. I think all chihuahuas raised with cats think they are cats. And Tangi totally thinks she's a dog.

    3. Bella thinks she's the 110 lb. labrador while Lulu thinks she's a princess.