Thursday, November 8, 2007


Since September I've been a member of a flickr group called the Working Closet. We take pictures of what we wear every day and post them for all the world to see. It's honestly more exciting than it sounds, I swear.

So I've been uploading self portraits for a couple of months now and it's become a running joke that I don't smile. If I were a LOLcat I would be "serious regan does not approve". And I have no good reason for why I'm not smiling.

The frowning started strong here:
fair isle

Looked like it might start to turn into a smile here:

Diverted into sarcasm here:

And then went right back to pissed here:
these colors scream fall to me

I never really thought of myself as unhappy person, but these pictures sure do a fine job of making me seem like one.

So, because I don't have enough freaking goals for this month (one blog post per day! A different pair of shoes every day!), I'm adding another one to the mix. I want to take one picture of me smiling. One picture! Surely that can't be too much to ask.

Yeah, we'll see how this goes.

Years ago I waited tables at Applebee's and my manager always told me I didn't smile enough. I always thought she was insane, but what do you know, she was right. Damn her. hmm, maybe my smile muscles are broken. Sometimes I think I'm smiling but it turns out I'm not. See, my smile muscles are broken. Or maybe I was born without any. Like a smile birth defect. I was born to be permanent gloomy girl. grumble.


  1. did you know that it's an actual birth defect.. it's kinda scary. perhaps you can say you're going for a serious look (fashion is serious!) or perhaps fierce. (I watch too much America's Next Top Model)

  2. It's strange to smile in a self-portrait, I know. And, OH, the multi-tasking that requires. Tooo. Muuuuch.

  3. If I'm taking a dorky self-portrait destined to appear online I try to smile but it feels so unnatural. My normal expression is similar to yours though I've come to try to think of it it as "skeptical" rather than pissed. It feels really weird to sit with a smile on my face but I think the slight scowl in my case is from spending so much of my youth refusing to wear my glasses and squinting at everything. Try smiling AND squinting, it's impossible (and if you can manage you end up with a distinct "idiot" look. I'll take pissed over idiot).

  4. Like I said, this is what I want for Christmas. You have the potential to make my entire YEAR. Don't disappoint me! :P

  5. dea- I did not know that was a real birth defect. Although, I've learned almost any weird, impossible to be true medical condition is most likely a birth defect.

    ML and Jennie- I think it is that I'm taking the picture myself and can't quite smile in such an unnatural situation. Maybe I'll start thinking of it as skeptical, that is much better than pissed.

    Sara- Sheesh, no pressure.

  6. And thus the reason that most of my photos have no head.