Tuesday, November 27, 2007

There's gonna be a throw down

Chris Sanders (who sucks! LOSER!): "So are you two gonna get Guitar Hero for Wii? 'cause we are. And we're gonna kick y'alls ass."


Loser: "indeed"

me: "Dang it, jparks sucks at Guitar Hero. Can I sub in a player?"

Loser: "only if they're an existing member of the household with opposable thumbs."

me: "I'll have to get him playing more often. Because we aren't losers."

Loser: "yet"

Can I just tell you guys that never before have I not wanted jparks on my team, but right now I would throw him under the freaking train for Lauren. Hey Lauren, you wanna move in?


  1. hm. you might have to fix my HTML there.

  2. hmph, I figured why link to something that hasn't been updated in 3 years.

  3. So what are the minimum requirements for residency? Can I just stay over the night before the throw-down? Or do I have to actually live there for a week? A month? And do I have to pay rent? And do I get my own bathroom? I guess this means I should finally open the GH3 box that's been in my living room for the last three weeks or so.

  4. Incidentally, if you actually play guitar, guitar hero is next to impossible.

  5. Adam totally rocks at Guitar Hero and he's been practicing with the new "v3" I just got him. You can borrow him but only for this one specific task :-) Or get him to help Jason practice on their work breaks (like G actually gives them breaks!)

  6. Hmm -- where can I get in on this beatdown?

    Adam "I b eat Tom, I beat Slash, I even beat the devil." Haberlach