Saturday, December 1, 2007

the day the internet stood still

Do you guys think that that today is the slowest blogging day of the year? Because you know most people that participated in NaBloPoMo are taking today off and then add in the fact that most folks don't blog on the weekends and I bet it adds up to almost no blog activity on the world wide webs. Which means it's mine, all mine. Today I own the internet.

First order of business: change the name to reganweb. No, maybe reganet. Or the World Wide Web of Regan.

Second order of business: I'm gonna need more lolcats. Particularly of the nom nom nom variety.

Man, it feels good to be powerful.


  1. Ha! I posted before you today, and I called dibs, so it's my interwebs! Mine, all mine! But I agree that we need more lolcats.

  2. Lauren, I just went and checked out your blog and I see no mention of you calling dibs on the reganet. You fail!

  3. you know last year I noticed the same thing, so shouldn't I get it?

  4. All three of you are wrong! I created the internet regardless of what Janeane Garofalo says. Therefore, the Internet is mine exclusively!

  5. I'm STILL catching up from November. I think come February my Google Reader will be back to normal and it won't be all bolded, all the time.

    So, obviously, I can't own the Internet. I can't even own my own feed reader.

    Am pathetic.