Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm dreaming of a pink or black Christmas

I'm not really one of those "Christmas is the most amazing time of year" people, but I do love certain parts of the season: Gingerbread lattes from Peets, the Aimee Mann holiday show, and Christmas trees. While the lattes and Aimee Mann are easy for me to obtain and enjoy, the whole tree aspect of the season pretty much eludes me. Since jparks and I tend to fly back to NOLA for the holidays it's ridiculous for us to get a tree, we would either have to take it down before we left or arrive home to a dead tree that the cats have had their way with. Neither seem like a particularly good idea and that's why I've been investigating fake tree options.

I know a fake tree won't be as good as a real tree but it's better than no tree. And I was thinking that if I'm going to go fake, well then I might as well go really fake. Which is why I want, more than anything else right now, one of these: clicky click

Oh yes people, I want a brightly colored tree. Perhaps the Lemon-Lime Sublime (although it might be too close to a natural tree color). Or the Tuxedo Black, which could help take me back to my high school days of only wearing black and listening to the Cure. Truthfully the one I really want is the Pretty in Pink tree. Why? Because, apparently I am a 13 year old girl and IT'S PINK. Also, jparks' head would explode and that's just a good time no matter what time of year it is.

I seriously think this is the best solution to my "no tree" problem. I wonder if I could order one and when it arrives tell jparks that "no, it's not pink, you're just color blind. Really, it's just a light green." If he doesn't buy that excuse I could tell it my options were the Pretty in Pink or the $9299.00 Ginormous Tree. I'm sure even he would agree that the pink tree was the smart decision.


  1. The pink tree is awesome! The ginormous one worth 10K? Crazy! We went with a $15 special from Big Lots, and it's making it through it's 2nd year. Makes me feel all Scroogy inside!

  2. Plan: get a half green, half pink tree. Turn the pink side to the wall so he can't see it. Sneak downstairs in the middle of the night and turn it around. Act really surprised in the morning. "HONEY! SANTA TURNED INTO JESUS AND WORKED A MIRACLE! OUR TREE IS PINK!"

    I mean he may deny you a pink tree but he can't argue with SAINT Nick, right?

  3. Yup, that's the key - if you're going to do fake, make sure it's *really* fake. None of those Noble Fir lookalikes, please!

    I really wanted a full-on fake pink tree, until I found my silver one for fifteen bucks :) Now that it's after the fact, I hear that Michael's sells a pink one, in several sizes, for a lot less than Treetopia.

  4. Those are great. Ours is fake and pre-lit and was $20 at Wal-Mart because we bought it a day before Christmas last year. And then kept it up until February. It's a miracle we found each other. No one else would ever find that normal behavior.

  5. I HAD to have a tree this year b/c I was totally sick of the past (way too many) years of not having one. We got a fake one from Home Depot (after having to return TWO trees to Target b/c the lights did not work). My thought is that if you travel away from home at Christmas, go fake. And go PINK if you want (Adam vetoed a Pink tree, but then again, he's not color-blind, so I couldn't just tell him it was green.)

  6. Stumbled on to your blog.

    When I was 10 my father brought home an aluminum with a light wheel that had red/green/blue/clear light that shone on the tree. It was the most horrible tree ever!

    This year I'm not much into Christmas but I did put up an artificial tree.