Monday, December 17, 2007

surprise, a list!

  • I'm feeling better. Yay for food! jparks has suggested I try not to eat anymore poop. I think that's a pretty good idea.

  • we have been very busy at Parks Place preparing for our departure to New Orleans on Thursday. I've been tackling the pile of laundry that never ends. Seriously, how do two people create so much dirty clothes?

  • I still haven't finished shopping for Christmas gifts. Mom, sorry, your gift is coming in 2008 because I fail as a daughter.

  • With the exception of one day, I've continued to wear a different pair of shoes every day, even though NoBloShoeMo is over.

  • the one pair that I've worn more than once are my sparkly Holiday Party Shoes. Because, hello, THEY ARE SPARKLY and were created specifically for holiday parties.

  • 25 more shopping days until my birthday

  • I got one of my Christmas gifts from jparks. It's a lovely watch that I bought myself.

  • maybe shopping for my own gifts can be my gift to jparks. yeah, that's the ticket

  • if that's the case, then I better get back to the mall

  • the pink tree came in. It's naked in our living room because I think a pink tree doesn't need ornaments. Or because I forgot to buy ornament hooks. Same difference.


    1. Pictures of pink tree. NOW.

    2. No picture of the sparkly shoes??

    3. I wonder the same thing about laundry. Holy crap, how do we get so much of it. It's just him and me.

    4. If you pretend you are Catholic this Christmas season, then you have until Jan 5th to get your shopping done (we celebrate all 12 days of Christmas so it's fair game to give a present up until the end). Have a great time in New Orleans! & Merry Christmas!