Sunday, December 30, 2007


Last night it started raining right as jparks and I went to bed. The raindrops heavily hit the roof and trees outside our window creating a soothing noise I hadn't heard in awhile. In the distance you could hear thunder but it never got close enough to rattle the windows. I feel asleep listening to it and it led to dreams of being at Girl Scout camp where the sound of rain is the absolute best. There it falls through pine trees onto the canvas coverings of our tents and sounds hollow and heavy. It lands on the pine needle covered ground and creates a soothing white noise that makes everything feel comfortable.

California rain just isn't the same, it falls fast and cold, never with thunder. It's nice to be back home where rain takes its time, as it should.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

end of an era

I gave jparks a Nikon D40 for Christmas because I am dumb. Before, when he had to use my D80, I could delete whatever pictures of me I wanted and the world would never get to see them. My only hope is that he won't want to drag his camera around as much as I do. Or that I suddenly become very photogenic. Wish me luck.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Jparks, Lily, and I are all safe and sound in New Orleans! The flights were long, but Lily was a trooper, only whining a bit, and making tons of friends in the airports. Guys, if you ever want an easy way to pick up girls, might I suggest borrowing Lily.

We've only been here a few hours and jparks' niece has told him he's picky and he laughs like a girl. Ah, good times!

Monday, December 17, 2007

surprise, a list!

  • I'm feeling better. Yay for food! jparks has suggested I try not to eat anymore poop. I think that's a pretty good idea.

  • we have been very busy at Parks Place preparing for our departure to New Orleans on Thursday. I've been tackling the pile of laundry that never ends. Seriously, how do two people create so much dirty clothes?

  • I still haven't finished shopping for Christmas gifts. Mom, sorry, your gift is coming in 2008 because I fail as a daughter.

  • With the exception of one day, I've continued to wear a different pair of shoes every day, even though NoBloShoeMo is over.

  • the one pair that I've worn more than once are my sparkly Holiday Party Shoes. Because, hello, THEY ARE SPARKLY and were created specifically for holiday parties.

  • 25 more shopping days until my birthday

  • I got one of my Christmas gifts from jparks. It's a lovely watch that I bought myself.

  • maybe shopping for my own gifts can be my gift to jparks. yeah, that's the ticket

  • if that's the case, then I better get back to the mall

  • the pink tree came in. It's naked in our living room because I think a pink tree doesn't need ornaments. Or because I forgot to buy ornament hooks. Same difference.

  • Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    I'm sick

    I have food poisoning. This means that when jparks comes home from work I'm going to have him take me out back and put me down, because I do not want to continue on for another second feeling like this. I'm a pretty seasoned puker, but this is unlike anything I have experienced before. My stomach feels like it's tied in knots and even water won't stay put. I think my body has rid itself of anything that was lingering in my intestinal tract from the past ten years. Crap came out that I don't remember ever eating. Delightful, isn't?

    Since I haven't moved from my bed all day, except to go to the bathroom, I've been entertaining myself with a Top Chef marathon and google searching "food poisoning". Perhaps looking that up was not the best idea since I've now learned that a common type of food poisoning comes from contamination with feces. Poop! I might have eaten poop! Oh my god, kill me now. In all fairness it could have been caused by some bad meat but my coworker, who had lunch with me yesterday and is also sick today, had beef while I had pork. I'm thinking all signs point to poop!

    And to make you all feel extra sorry for me here's a picture:
    i'm sick

    All together now, "awwww"

    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    this was a much better post but the delete button got in my way

    I've been busy. Busy Busy Busy. Which explains why the holiday cards that I bought three weeks ago are still in their box on my kitchen floor and not in your mailbox. My bad.

    On Friday I went to see Tori Amos. Wow, was it a bad show.

    On Saturday we went to the Google Holiday Party. You can't take pictures while you're there unless you have the people in the picture's permission. As I am lazy and didn't want to ask a bunch of people if I had their permission here is the only picture from the night:


    In truth there is another picture from the party of crepe guts on a wall, but that's really a jparks story.

    On Sunday I went to another Tori concert. I figured she deserved an opportunity to redeem herself. Or another chance to really piss me off. Final verdict, she was awesome. So good! Yay for Tori! I can still like her!

    Monday was my work holiday party at Go Kart Racer. These aren't normal go karts, they're go karts that go super fast and make you (read as: me) want to puke. It was a delightful day. Also, can you tell that I work with all boys?

    Then last night jparks and I went to the movies and we are going to another movie tonight. I guess those Holiday cards are destined to sit on my kitchen floor until next year.

    Thursday, December 6, 2007

    I'm dreaming of a pink or black Christmas

    I'm not really one of those "Christmas is the most amazing time of year" people, but I do love certain parts of the season: Gingerbread lattes from Peets, the Aimee Mann holiday show, and Christmas trees. While the lattes and Aimee Mann are easy for me to obtain and enjoy, the whole tree aspect of the season pretty much eludes me. Since jparks and I tend to fly back to NOLA for the holidays it's ridiculous for us to get a tree, we would either have to take it down before we left or arrive home to a dead tree that the cats have had their way with. Neither seem like a particularly good idea and that's why I've been investigating fake tree options.

    I know a fake tree won't be as good as a real tree but it's better than no tree. And I was thinking that if I'm going to go fake, well then I might as well go really fake. Which is why I want, more than anything else right now, one of these: clicky click

    Oh yes people, I want a brightly colored tree. Perhaps the Lemon-Lime Sublime (although it might be too close to a natural tree color). Or the Tuxedo Black, which could help take me back to my high school days of only wearing black and listening to the Cure. Truthfully the one I really want is the Pretty in Pink tree. Why? Because, apparently I am a 13 year old girl and IT'S PINK. Also, jparks' head would explode and that's just a good time no matter what time of year it is.

    I seriously think this is the best solution to my "no tree" problem. I wonder if I could order one and when it arrives tell jparks that "no, it's not pink, you're just color blind. Really, it's just a light green." If he doesn't buy that excuse I could tell it my options were the Pretty in Pink or the $9299.00 Ginormous Tree. I'm sure even he would agree that the pink tree was the smart decision.

    Tuesday, December 4, 2007

    changing citizenship

    For years and years and years now I have dyed my hair. I experimented with various shades of red until I found the perfect one (that is, of course, after I ungothed myself and stopped dying it black). That specific red stuck until I started to notice my hair thinning and I could only assume that after 14 years of constant torture it was going on strike. We went back and forth with negotiations and finally an acceptable offer was reached. I would stop dying my hair until I reached an age when I couldn't handle the grays anymore and then I could start dying it again.

    It has taken a while for me to cut all of the red out of my hair but with my last stylist appointment we have finally reached it's natural color. Which is most certainly not red. Obviously I knew my hair color wasn't red but, after so many years of pretending, I had convinced myself that it had to be slightly red. A reddish brown. Yeah, that's the ticket. But now I'm having to face the cold hard truth, my hair is not reddish brown, it is brownish brown.

    The fact that my hair is not really the color I was dying it has thrown me into a mini identity crisis. Before, with the red hair, everyone assumed I was Irish. Pale + green eyes + red hair= Irish. This was great when jparks and I went to Europe because, until I opened my mouth and the dumb America accent tumbled out, most people thought we were from Ireland and were nice to us. Hey, we aren't Americans who are going to be loud and obnoxious, we're Irish!

    But now, well, I look not so Irish. In fact, on Friday night, I was told I look Russian. There's nothing wrong with looking Russian, I'm just not used that. I guess now I can walk around and say "In Soviet Russia kitteh captions you!"

    The other crappy thing I've learned about my hair is that I have a fair amount of gray. Luckily it's scattered and my stylist was able to literally nip it in the bud, she cut it all out at the scalp. She said we won't be able to do this for long as eventually it'll lead to bald spots, but we're okay right now. Also, does anyone know why the gray grows faster than the rest of my hair?

    I've been pretty mopey since learning I'm no where close to being a redhead. Jparks says he likes my natural color, but I think he's finally learned that a husband is never supposed to say he doesn't like something about the wife. Of course he loves my brown hair, he wants to have sex again in the future.

    Saturday, December 1, 2007

    the day the internet stood still

    Do you guys think that that today is the slowest blogging day of the year? Because you know most people that participated in NaBloPoMo are taking today off and then add in the fact that most folks don't blog on the weekends and I bet it adds up to almost no blog activity on the world wide webs. Which means it's mine, all mine. Today I own the internet.

    First order of business: change the name to reganweb. No, maybe reganet. Or the World Wide Web of Regan.

    Second order of business: I'm gonna need more lolcats. Particularly of the nom nom nom variety.

    Man, it feels good to be powerful.