Thursday, January 31, 2008

gray skies aren't gonna clear up

It currently looks like this outside:


I think this will be our 472nd day of rain in a row, not that I mind. It makes the fact that I'll be in sunny, 80 degree Florida in 2 short days even sweeter. And until then, I've got my headphones on and iTunes rocking the Jack Johnson because he is the musical equivalent of sitting on a sunny beach with a mai tai in my hand.

Suck it rain! You can't depress me!


  1. I say we all move to Kauai.

  2. I'm game! I'll start packing the house up tomorrow.

  3. Oh, here's the worst part for you (unfortunately)... it's supposed to clear up next week while you're gone. =P

  4. It's -45 at home... I'll take the rain!!