Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Holy crap, I've never been so excited to be home. Of course, my luggage wasn't ready to come home just yet, and has decided to take a vacation in Chicago. Dear luggage, I hope you are enjoying your stay! Please come home soon! Maybe bring some deep dish pizza with you!

And while I am so excited to be home, where all my lovely shoes are, I'm definitely going to miss being around family. Especially the goofy 5 year old family member in the video below teaching me and my sister in law how to crack up like a pig (please turn your head to the side as I am dumb and forgot that the digital camera doesn't auto rotate video):

Also, if anyone wants to buy or give me a real video camera, I would totally be cool with that.


  1. If your luggage is smart it will bring you Dunkin Donuts; you can get .

  2. do you crack up like a pig in the south and oink like a pig in canada?

  3. No, she was trying to show us how to laugh so hard we snort, but all she could come up with was "crack up like a pig" We definitely oink like pigs in the south.